RecordBreakers International

The World’s Only World Record Breaking Events Producer for Charity

RecordBreakers International

Record Breakers is perhaps the only world’s only organisation which specialises in producing world record breaking and setting events. Record Breakers is a non-profit organisation which is registered as an International Fund Raiser for Multiple Charities; and as well as breaking existing and setting new world records, it also uses this as a method of fid raising to help multiple charities and other worthy causes

Companies and organisations who engage the services of Record Breakers can choose which one or more of their favourite charities will benefit from the finds raised. This vehicle is an excellent team building event for companies and organisations, which has the added benefit of being an outstanding marketing tool as well. Because Record Breakers works alongside, yet outside other organisations, charities and companies, it is also able generate publicity and general positive PR for events, products and organisations. Because Record Breakers is a registered 3rd party organisation it can help to significantly raise the profile and media presence for companies and products while helping altruistic causes. Many people may fondly remember the name ‘Record Breakers’ because it was once a successful TV show in the UK and USA, this only serves to help generate positive PR.

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