Brian Sterling-Vete

Guinness World Record Holder and World Record Event Producer
Brian Sterling-Vete, Guinness World Record Holder


Current Guinness World Record Holder

Former 5 Time World Record Holder
Producer of your new World Record Breaking event


Brian produced spectacular and entertaining international corporate events when setting his latest new Guinness World Record. He is now a specialist producer of events for international corporate clients which culminate in a Guinness World Record attempt. Events are held to either break existing records or to set new ones, and are specifically devised, custom made events for each client.

Brian is a current Guinness World Record Holder and has held 5 world records in balance, fire, stunts and the martial arts.

Brian produces spectacular and memorable events for Corporations, Event Production Companies and Charities; which are also powerful marketing and motivational team building experiences. He uses his wealth of experience as a personal World Record Holder, combined with his visual expertise and dramatic flair gained from the TV and Film industry. Users can navigate from app to app by swiping search this on the screen, or even running them side-by-side.

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